What it is.

The Butcher's Buddy Program rewards you for helping your friends and family buy bulk beef, pork, or lamb by giving you (and your friends) the lowest price (as if you were buying a whole animal) while allowing you to purchase a smaller size.

We make it easy for you to recruit friends and family to enjoy high-quality meat, so you can enjoy the benefits of the program without having to inherit the hassle of coordinating orders.

As the Butcher's Buddy, you also get an extra 10% off your portion.

On a whole beef, that's up to 20% off.

  • Join the program.

    Use the contact form at the bottom of this page and let us know in the comment that you would like to become a Butcher's Buddy.

  • Share your link.

    Share the private product page link that we provide so you and your friends get the benefits of the program. Email it, text it, post it - however and with whomever you wish to share it.

  • Get your meat.

    Once your product page sells a whole animal worth of shares, we'll get to work on harvesting and preparing your order. We take care of the coordination of everyone getting their meat so you don't have the hassle of dividing shares amongst friends.

Contact form

Butcher's Buddy FAQs

How do I claim my discount?

Once you sell a whole animal's worth of shares on your private product page including your order, we will automatically apply your discount to your final invoice.

What share increments are available on the private product page?

  • Beef: increments of 1/8
  • Pork: increments of 1/4
  • Lamb: increments of 1/2

What if I don't sell a whole animal worth of shares on my product page?

If your private product page does not sell a whole animal worth of shares, we can still fulfill your order but will charge the applicable share price per each order. For example, if you reserve 2 eighth shares through your product page (equivalent of one quarter share) and two friends reserve 1/8 each, you will be charged the quarter beef price and your friends will be charged the eighth beef price.

How long do I have to get friends or family to place their orders?

We do not set a time limit on your private product page. We do not begin processing your order until either the orders through your page reach a whole animal's worth or you communicate with us to let us know you would like to proceed with the orders through your page even though you have not reached a whole animal's worth.