It shouldn't be a chore to tell your butcher how you want your meat.

That's why we built easy to use cut sheets with you in mind.

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Why work with us?

We offer the same care and attention to your meat as you would for yourself.

Begin with the end in mind.

From kill to pack, we think about the meal on your kitchen table. After all, isn't that the point?

You work hard to raise a healthy, happy animal. We work hard to turn your animal into meat fit for a family feast.

Preserve old world craft and care.

Our great-great-grandfather Papa Blasio brought traditional butchering craft and care from Sicily to New Orleans. We aim at keeping that craft and care alive in the Carolinas.

The phrase, "They just don't make things like they used to", applies to butchers too. Instead of quantity and efficiency, we aim for quality and the same level of care we'd offer our own family.

Go beyond humane handling.

We believe that humane handling is more than a list of what not to do. Care for people and care for animals cannot be separated.

As butchers, we care about producing the best quality meat for our customers. Naturally, then, we care about giving the animals the best life possible.

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We accept cattle, hogs, sheep/lamb, and goats for slaughter and butchery.

Our Pricing

1. Kill, dress, and disposal

Prices include animal handling, slaughter, evisceration, disposal or harvest of offal, and a spot in the cooler.

  • Cattle: $120/head
  • Hogs: $150/head scald/scrape OR $130/head skinned
  • Goats, sheep, and lamb: $80/head
  • Specialty harvest items (requiring scald/scrape): Head ($40), Jowls ($20), Trotters ($30)

2. Butchery

$1.25/lb includes butchering and vacuum sealed packaging and includes up to 20% of hanging weight processed as ground meat.

Species minimums:

  • Cattle: $100/animal
  • Hogs: $100/animal
  • Goats, sheep, and lamb: $75/animal

3. Grinding, sausage, and other further processing

Prices here are in addition to the base butchery rates.

  • Ground meat above 20% of hanging weight: $1/lb
  • Sausage bulk packed in 1 pound packs: $1/lb (20lb minimum per flavor)
  • Sausage cased and linked: $3/lb (20lb minimum per flavor)

4. Hide or pelt harvest

  • If you wish to receive your animal's hide or pelt, you must pick it up when notified on the day of slaughter. Hides and pelts will NOT be held overnight.
  • Cattle: $50/animal
  • Goats, sheep, and lamb: $20/animal

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