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Melvin Hill Meats

Fresh Start Pork Sausage Share

Fresh Start Pork Sausage Share

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Enjoy a variety of our most popular sausage recipes: Breakfast, Hot Italian, Bratwurst, and Polish White. We mix all our own seasoning so we keep the good stuff (fresh herbs, high mineral salt, etc.) and avoid the bad stuff (MSG, chemical additives, preservatives, etc.). This sausage not only tastes good, but it helps you feel good.

Our pigs are raised on open pasture and mature woodlands, so they enjoy all the sunshine they want and a varied diet, supplemented with GMO-free, soy-free, corn-free feed. This means that you get to enjoy the most delicious pork AND feel good about eating it.

  • Diet crafted to produce pork with improved Omega 3:6 ratio.
  • High amounts of green grass and other leafy greens in their diet helps pack in the phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs and can't get from commercial pork.
  • Feel good knowing that these pigs had the best life a pig can have while improving farmland (not impoverishing it).

Here's what you get in the sausage bundle:

  • ~3#s of Breakfast
  • ~3#s of Hot Italian
  • ~3#s of Bratwurst
  • ~3#s of Polish White
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