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Healing Essentials Beef Bone Bundle

Healing Essentials Beef Bone Bundle

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The power of grassfed beef bone broth to ease digestion, heal your gut, fight disease causing inflammation, and support joint health. But not all bones are created equal. You may experience little to no benefit from bone broth made from poor quality beef animals.

Don't waste your time on the mass-produced stuff -- buy from a local, regeneratively managed farm so you actually get the healing benefits of bone broth.

  • Diverse pasture makes this beef high in vitamins and minerals for supporting immune health.
  • Packed with plant-based phytonutrients to help you fight inflammation and ward off oxidative stress.
  • Support joint health with these collagen rich knuckle and marrow bones.

What's in the share:

  • 9 pounds of premium soup bones (bones with marrow, collagen, and beef) ready for your stock pot.
  • Our detailed guide on how to make the best bone broth and ways to use it.
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