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Seasoning Sampler Pack

Seasoning Sampler Pack

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Receive one of each of our dry brine & seasoning rub mixes, Busted Butt and Delightful Mrs. Brown, and our all purpose seasoning, Simply Good.

Many of our customers who have tried Simply Good find themselves using on literally everything. It's become a staple in our own kitchen, too. It is a simple blend of salt, toasted black pepper, and garlic - and it will take your food up a notch without sacrificing the wholesomeness of ingredients.

Busted Butt started as a dry brine and spice rub for Boston Butt pork roasts and pork ribs destined for the smoker, but is versatile across pork cuts and cooking methods. With a pleasant herby sweetness, this rub helps your pork shine.

Delightful Mrs. Brown is a play on the term used for the "bark" that forms on a low and slow smoked beef brisket. Without being spicy, this is a black pepper forward seasoning rub that accentuates all the good things of great beef. Use it on smoked beef, oven roasts, and even on steaks. 

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