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Spatchcocked Chicken

Spatchcocked Chicken

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Each chicken is approximately 4lbs.

Spatchcocked chicken, also known as butterflied chicken, is a whole chicken that has been cut down the back so that the two sides lay flat. Great for grilling!

The benefits include:

  • Faster cook time - much easier to fit into a weekday dinner schedule!
  • More even cooking - instead of drying the breast while waiting for the inner thigh to cook through.
  • More skin exposed for crisping - when the bird lays flat, all the skin is "up" for crisping.

More about our chickens and management

Our chickens are moved to fresh forage daily and enjoy organic GMO-free, corn and soy-free feed supplemented by whey from a neighboring dairy farm. You can't buy this chicken in grocery stores!

  • Our pastured poultry enjoy sunshine and green grass helping to boost Vitamin D and healthy Omega-3 to 6 fat ratio.
  • Polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) are known to cause inflammation in your body. Our birds' corn-free and soy-free feed ration aims to produce low levels of PUFAs so you can eat well, feel well, and be well. 
  • We believe that happy animals make healthy animals and healthy animals make the best meat. Our birds get to enjoy being chickens (scratching, pecking, jumping, running, etc.) so you get to enjoy the best chicken around.

How it works:

For each Spatchcocked Chicken you order, you receive one spatchcocked chicken that is approximately 4 pounds. We'll pull your chickens and let you know your order is ready. Or, just stop by during our store hours. We won't leave you stranded after the purchase - you're part of the family now! If you have any questions or want ideas about how best to enjoy your chicken, we're here for you.


Chickens are vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and appropriately labeled.


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